Passion For Vinyl Part III – Tales From the Groove

It’s quite amazing that in a world that has become increasingly digital and where ‘stuff’ has become invisible, vinyl has made such a spectacular comeback. Yet it is very likely also one of the main reasons for its resurgence. People like to collect. The physical aspect of playing a record adds to the listening experience and creates memories. An album can take you back to an important time or place. And buying a new record is a great way of supporting a favorite artist and their label. That’s also the reason why new generations of music lovers have embraced vinyl. 

This new edition of Passion for Vinyl tells these stories. It’s about the records that inspire people. The way they shaped their lives. How they sparked them to pick up an instrument, become a DJ, or start a label, pressing plant or YouTube channel.

Passion for Vinyl features exclusive interviews with Blue Note recording artist Gregory Porter, CEO of Linn Gilad Tiefenbrun, Bettina Richards of Thrill Jockey Records, YouTube personality Melinda Murphy, Beggars Group US president Nabil Ayers, Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records, Classic Album Sundays’ Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Liz Dunster of Erika Records, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, DJ, collector and label owner Gilles Peterson, Jenn D’Eugenio of Gold Rush Vinyl and Women in Vinyl, Bad Seed member Warren Ellis, Paulo Jr. of Sepultura, Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds, and many others. 

This book offers close to 30 interviews with a very diverse cast of characters. They have in common a deep love of music. Passion for Vinyl shares the unique experience of making, buying, collecting and enjoying vinyl. Its purpose is to inspire.

Passion for Vinyl is written by the Dutch author, music journalist, audiophile and vinyl collector Robert Haagsma.

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Mio Oliwa Mionyl
Gregory Porter
Bettina Richards Thrill Jockey
Gilad Tiefenbrun Linn
Warren Ellis
Melinda Murphy
Mario Caldato
Fredrik Larzon Millencolin
Borja Torres Lovemonk
Luke Parish Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Nabil Ayers
Hans Rutten The Gathering
Ben Blackwell Third Man Records
Paulo Jr. Sepultura
Andrew Carthy Mr. Scruff
Raven van Dorst
Kevin Shields My Bloody Valentine
Coco Maria
Iñigo Pastor Munster Records
Angelo Schifano
Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy Classic Album Sunday
Gilles Peterson
Torgeir Lund Crispin Glover Records
Jenn D’Eugenio
Chad Kassem Acoustic Sounds
The Gladys Palmera Colelction
Robert Trujillo Metallica
Dick van Dijk Concerto
Liz Dunster Erica Records
The Making of a record


Robert Haagsma

Robert Haagsma


When I was given an album by an older sister when I was in my early teens – the ‘Blue’ double album by The Beatles – I had obviously no idea what kind of impact that gift would have on my life. That record, plus a handful of singles, turned me into a life long music lover, record collector and audiophile.

It took a while to find my way into music professionally. Growing up in a rather strict environment where pop and rock were often seen as the devil’s music didn’t help matters. It made me even more determined to find my way in this world that seemed so much more exciting than the one that I grew up in.

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Anouk Rijnders

Anouk Rijnders

Executive Producer

After my study at the Art Academy (Audiovisual Media) I worked as a producer and director for several television programs and tv commercials. In 2000 I started at Record Industry and 23 years later I’m still here and enjoying every minute of it. Each year has been different in our business, from very hectic times to a really slow and uncertain period, and now it’s extremely busy again, pressing 60,000 records a day, an amazing quantity which 14 years ago was unimaginable! Since a few years we have an amazing studio called the Artone Studio and it’s one of a kind, offering direct-to-disc cutting and recording on unique vintage equipment.
My day to day job has been as varied as can be over the years, starting back in 2000 as Sales Manager and now as CCO for the company, I got the chance to produce two books: Passion For Vinyl Part 1, released in 2013 and in 2018 we released Part II. Passion For Vinyl - Tales From the Groove is the last edition in this series, released in November 2023. Record Industry is founding partner of Haarlem Vinyl Festival, a celebration of Vinyl culture in all of its aspects, of which the inaugural edition took in September 2023, of which I'm proud to be a board member.

Tim Knol

Tim Knol


Tim Knol (33) is a Dutch songwriter / musician who achieved success and acclaim in 2010 for his eponymous debut album and breakthrough single Sam. Since then, he has released several more albums on Excelsior Recordings. Musically, Knol leans on his avid and long-lasting fascination for American roots music like country and bluegrass, while veering towards pop music and alternative rock at the same time. He writes and sings songs, makes podcasts, runs his own label (I Love My Label) and embarks on regular hikes with De Wandelclub, a recurring event for which he treks around the country's most beautiful places with other enthusiasts and treats them to impromptu, unplugged gigs, out in the open. Tim Knol is a man of many passions, and he'll make sure we know it.

In addition to his work as a musician, Knol is also a gifted photographer and a collector of vinyl.

Tessel Dekker

Tessel Dekker

Design & illustrations

Hi, I am Tessel and in my hometown, Haarlem, there's a factory called Record Industry. On a visit about 12 years ago I met Anouk Rijnders there, and we worked together ever since. I also worked in the plant for a couple of months during the corona-crisis.
I really love music and vinyl records. So making this book with these nice people makes me feel right at home. Segolia Design is my company name and I work on all sorts of illustrations and designs with/for musicians, venues, craftbeer breweries, art-institutes and the like.
I love drawing with pencil on paper and making films using frame-by-frame-animation. I prefer handmade from the digitally generated works: when making, watching or listening stuff. When it's too perfectly calculated, like computers do, it lacks life, in my opinion. It's the imperfections that put soul in art.