Passion For Vinyl Part II – An Ode to Analog

Record stores are popping up again everywhere. New vinyl pressing plants are opening in America, Europe and Asia. Young vinyl enthusiasts – both male and female! – are swarming to record fairs looking for old and new records to build their collection. When Passion for Vinyl Part 1 came out, there was still some doubt about the comeback of vinyl. Wasn’t it all just a hype? Now, five years later, even the biggest sceptic can’t deny it: vinyl is back and it’s here to stay!

In light of all these new and exciting developments, a follow-up to the successful and well-received first volume of the Passion for Vinyl book (four stars in Record Collector magazine) is more than viable. DJs, musicians, engineers, designers, shop managers, record label CEOs and collectors like Dischord’s Ian MacKaye, Norton’s Miriam Linna, singer-songwriter Ryley Walker, musician and producer T Bone Burnett, Abbey Road’s half-speed maestro Miles Showell, DJs Sven Väth and Ellen Allien, designer John Kosh and many others tell about the records that changed their lives, their love for vinyl and the impact its resurgence has had on them. Passion for Vinyl Part 2 also shows how analogue recording techniques are making a comeback in the recording and mastering studios.

In the last few years, countless music lovers have (re)discovered that nothing beats listening to a vinyl record on a proper stereo set. It makes the listener connect with the music like nothing else.
This book is a tribute to that unique experience.

Passion for Vinyl Part. 2 is written by Dutch author, music journalist and vinyl fanatic Robert Haagsma. With an introduction by Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day.

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Merel Parlevliet & Esther Lutgendorff (Velvet Music Amsterdam)
Steven van Zandt
Yorick van Norden
Jens Prueter (1967)
Kosh (Kosh Design)
De Weergever
Steven Wilson
Rob Norton (Hill & Dale)
Pete Hutchison (Electric Recording Co.)
Robin Piso, Pablo & Luka van de Poel (DeWolff)
Amit and Aneesh Patel - Brilliant Corners
T Bone Burnett
Zack Tipton (Vinylize)
Miriam Linna (Norton Records)
Artone Studio
Robert Crumb
Ronald Draijer (Suburban)
Walter Hoeijmakers (Roadburn)
Brent Greissle (Discogs)
Dónal Gallagher (Rory Gallagher)
B. George (ARChive of Contemporary Music)
Ellen Allien
Ton Vermeulen (Record Industry)
Ian MacKaye (Dischord Records)
Lucy Launder (Abbey Road Studios)
Miles Showell (Abbey Road Studios)
Michael Kurtz (Record Store Day)
Marcus Liesenfeld (Too Slow To Disco)
John Grado (Grado Labs)
Ryley Walker
José Moura (Flur Discos)
John Varvatos
Steve Kouta
Mandy Parnell (Black Saloon Studios)
Jeff Ogiba (Black Gold)
Jarrett Koral (Jett Plastic Recordings)
John Humphrey (Seether)
Håvart Gjelseth
Sharon Bechor (Rock & Soul Music Store)
Jimi LaLumia
Mark Kneppers (33/45 Vinyl Records)
Eric Astor (Furnace Manufacturing)
Billy Fields (WEA / Run Out Groove)
Sven Väth
Alisha Edmonson & Joe Lapan (Songbyrd Record Café)
Thomas & Fern Vernon Bernich (Brooklyn Phono)
Jan van Dorsten (Record Palace)
Flo Kaufmann (FloKaSon)


Robert Haagsma

Robert Haagsma


Passion for Vinyl is written by Dutch author, music journalist, audiophile and incurable vinyl fanatic Robert Haagsma.

‘About twenty-five years ago I began to write about music, for newspapers and magazines. My articles have been published in Dutch magazines such as Aardschok, Lust for Life and VINYL Magazine and I’ve had interviews published in international magazines like Record Collector and Ugly Things. I’ve written books about a.o. Golden Earring, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys and the Dutch beat scene. Writing liner notes for compilation has become another important part of my job over the years. Above all, I’m a collector. I still think that a vinyl record is the best sound carrier ever invented. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an audiophile pressing of a classical piece or a slab of Norwegian black metal – when the needle hits the groove it never fails to captivate me.’

Anouk Rijnders

Anouk Rijnders

Executive Producer

For more than 18 years now, I have worked for Record Industry, the most beautiful vinyl pressing plant in the world. Each day I work with vinyl in all its wonderful and fascinating aspects. We press records for customers throughout the world, big and small. As one of the oldest pressing plants in the world, we’re not only industrial heritage but also cultural heritage. The factory started in 1956 in an all-analogue world. In the course of time, music consumption changed, vinyl almost disappeared, but it is now back and here to stay. Even the analogue recording techniques have been embraced again by musicians and listeners. That’s why this book is An Ode to Analogue.

Tim Knol

Tim Knol


Tim Knol (28) is a Dutch songwriter / musician who achieved success and acclaim in 2010 for his eponymous debut album and breakthrough single Sam. Since then, he has released three more albums: ‘Days’, ‘Soldier On’ and ‘Cut the Wire’ on Excelsior Recordings.

Musically, Knol leans on his avid and long-lasting fascination for American roots music like country and bluegrass, nevertheless swooning towards pop music and alternative rock all the same. In addition to his work as a musician, Knol is also a gifted photographer, collector of vinyl and owner of record label Tender Records.

Tessel Dekker

Tessel Dekker

Design & illustrations

Tessel is a graphic designer and illustrator from Haarlem, the Netherlands. Segolia Design is creative, music-related and conscious design: the three main pillars of her company.

"As a visual person, part of the analogue experience is definitely holding the sleeve and taking in the artwork while listening to the record. It's important that the design complements the sound of the record. And that's the key rule for designing the different possible packaging for music. Designing a record sleeve is where two of my most important passions come together: Music, Illustration and Graphic Design. I loved working on this book for the same reason. And I am going to love holding the result of all these people's hard work in my hands when it's finished!"